Asian Brown Rice Salad

Salad of the week

Ancient grains paired with fresh vegetables and full flavour dressings to provide tasty salads hign in nutrients

  • I make a different salad each week to ensure you can include a living component to your weekly meal order
  • Ancient grains increase the nutrient content and help you to feel fuller for longer
  • Carefully chosen ingredients ensure they maintain maximum freshness and flavour for longer
  • The following are my most popular salads to give you an idea...ingredients may vary slightly depending on season and availability

Loaded Millet Tabouli - millet, chickpeas, tomato, cucumber, parsley, spring onions, radish + tangy lemon, garlic, cumin dressing

Asian Brown Rice - biodynamic brown rice, carrot, cucumber, red capsicum, spring onion, parsley, goji berries, toasted seeds + tamari, sesame oil dressing

Moroocan Chickpea Quinoa - chickpeas, quinoa, celery, carrot, parsley, toasted seeds + lemon, olive oil, garlic, smoked paprika, cumin, coriander dressing

Green Millet Salad - millet, a huge variety of crunchy grren vegetables + a tangy pesto dressing

Orange Millet Salad - millet, celery, red capsicum, fennel, red onion + a smokey orange dressing

Crunchy Quinoa - quinoa, carrot, celery, cucumber, capsicum, toasted seeds + zesty ginger, garlic and lemon dressing

Ingredients: Ingredients will vary for each salad - organic grains, pulses, seeds, oils, vinegars and pantry items, market fresh vegetables, Celtic sea salt, spices

How to Prepare: Eat as they are on their own, pair with roasted vegetables, use in wraps or fill lettuce cups for something different