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Meal Service Variation

Why is a Meal Prep Service Beneficial and is it actually healthy?

If chosen carrefully, it can save you time and money while supporting your health goals.

While nothing beats a freshly made home cooked meal, it's not always practical for many. There is no question that having these meals on hand can save you money by minimising waste, save you time in preparation and save a trip to the local take away.

Pre-made meals have become such a huge market the options are endless, often making the ability to choose which service a little overwhelming for some. 

You may find a brand that is tasty but not large enough, requiring you to buy two meals to satisfy your hunger. Others may be the right size and taste for you but contain numbers and additives that end up negating the benefits for your body. If these style of meals make up a large part of your weekly diet, then you may require multiple brands to satisfy your need for variation. And then there is the challenge of dietary limitations for many.

But are they actually healthy?

There are so many factors to consider when determining this:

How has it been prepared?
Are the ingredients used non-GMO, organic or spray free? Has it been cooked in tap water or aluminium pots? Are there any artificial additives, colourants, stabilisers, emulsifiers , flavour enhancers?

Do you have to microwave your meal to eat it?
While they are very difficult to find, there are plenty of science backed studies that demonstrate the destruction of nutrients when food is microwaved. This may be a challenging concept to accept but I ask you, does it seem likely that something that has been “nuked” would be healthy….?

What kind of energy has gone into the preparation of that meal?
Has it been prepared largely through a mechanised process? Are the individuals involved happy, angry, despondent when contributing to its preparation? Again, this may be a little “out there” for some, but everything is energy and you will receive into your body whatever energy has been infused during its production.

While these may not be questions you have ever asked yourself, they all contribute to the quality of the meal you are eating and might mean the difference between nourishing the body or causing harm.

I place importance on the following areas when preparing meals for you:

  • As chemical free as I can produce with 90% of ingredients being organic or spray-free
  • No numbers or artificial additives in any product I use
  • Everything is soaked and cooked in filtered water to ensure minimal chemicals, heavy metals, chorine, fluoride and any other additives to our tap water that may be toxic to your body
  • Legumes, seeds and grains go through an extended soaking and activation process to ensure minimal digestive irritability
  • Vegetables are washed with Apple Cider Vinegar before preparation and left slightly undercooked to maintain texture and nutrient content once heated
  • A focus on high fibre to help ensure your digestive system is a river of life, not a river of death
  • Not served with grains or other accompaniments to ensure you can heat on stovetop, minimising your temptation to "nuke it"
  • Generous servings for two and with the absense of grains as fillers, you are receiving value for money

You can be certain all meals are:

  • 100% plants - no animal products
  • Gluten free with a focus on whole ingredients
  • Made with loving and careful intention

While I’ve chosen to offer frozen meals, there is no question that fresh is best, so I encourage you to add a dose of fresh to each meal. Consider a handful of fresh herbs, sprouts or sauerkraut. Instead of serving it with a grain, consider putting your heated meal on a load of fresh leaves, finely sliced cabbage or some lightly stir fried greens. A little fresh and living with every meal will provide you with the balance your body mind and soul will love

There are many meal services that can support your path to greater health if you choose wisely. If you would like to enjoy the nourishment in my meals, you can view the menu and place your order here or contact me for any questions.